Disability insurance - Acci-Jet Program

Acci-Jet Program is a simplified issue disability insurance product that was designed with active clientele in mind to offer coverage in the event of accident or soft tissue injury.


Disability insurance



You are eligible if you:

Main coverages

Disability insurance for workers, which provides for:

Overhead expense insurance for small business owners, which provides for:

Additional coverages

You benefit from the following additional coverages or clauses, at no extra cost:

Acci-Jet Program disability insurance offers other optional benefits, such as:

You may also purchase riders to expand your protection:


For more information, please refer to the Acci-Jet Program brochure (PDF – 1,8MB).

This insurance product is part of a more complete solution, which includes cancer insurance and permanent or term life insurance - Lifeline. Click here for more details.